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In addition to focusing on tennis, featuring 4 tennis courts, the Covilhã Country Club features 2 squash courts where you can enjoy a fun game of squash with your friends. Come and play squash at our Club…it’s an excellent way to relax after a busy working day and burn off a few calories.

Guests will be able to enjoy a friendly, relaxed environment, ideal for playing sports, all while enjoying the mountain views afforded by the Club’s privileged location.

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Our Menu

Our menu includes a careful selection of traditional dishes prepared by Chef António Mendes.

Freshly prepared every day, thinking of you... View our MENU.

Take Away

The Cozinha D’Avó Restaurant serves quality food in a comfortable environment…
A Take-Away service is available every day at the Covilhã Country Club. Try our special weekend selection, which includes a Traditional Roast and Valencia-style Rice, amongst other traditional dishes.

Traditional Cuisine

Our menu includes a careful selection of traditional dishes prepared. Freshly prepared every day, thinking of you…

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